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Parise Financial Institution

Me Eugene Parise offers an innovative product in the field of finance and International Investment.

Parise Financial Institution is an international investment company that provides financing solutions for your growth, strategic advisory services on M & A, corporate restructuring, privatization and PE transactions. Offices are located in Fribourg with a performance in Zurich, London and New York, bringing together a team of international professionals.



Hong Kong trading company with 5 years history.

CA 2015 : US $ 15 million
profit : US $ 1.5 million

CA 2016 : US $ 20 million
profit : US $ 2.2 million

Desired price € 25K
Online without moving
With opening an IBAN with our structure.

Rating : -- Ref : 10009

Valais company specialized in the interim sector, 25 years of existence.

Search 5000 KCHF to resume sector companies.

Bond loan over 5 years at 10% per annum.

Rating : A+ Ref : 10001

Basel company in the pharmaceutical industry, 40 years of existence.

Search KCHF 10,000 to fund its development of new drugs.

Bond loan over 7 years at 12% per annum.

Rating : BB+ Ref : 10002

Company in Fribourg, industrial construction, 15 years of existence.

Search CHF 20 million for the construction of a hall with 10-year leases already pre-recorded.

Bond loan for 7 years to 9% per annum.

Rating : BBB Ref : 10003


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